Lymphatic Physiology and Mechanisms (return to menu)

Links to selected papers and other materials concerning this topic are listed below by date - last name of first author - title of article

Tissue and Terminal Lymphatics

1936  Drinker         The Functional Significance of the Lymphatic System

1957  Taylor           Lymphatic Circulation Studied with Radioactive Plasma Protein

1958  Taylor           Protein Content of Oedema Fluid in Lymphoedema

1994  Bates            Starling pressures in the human arm and their alteration in postmastectomy oedema

1995  Reddy           A Mathematical Model of Flow throuhg the Terminal Lymphatics

1999  Stanton         Comparison of Microvascular Filtration in Human Arms With and Without Postmastectomy Oedema

2007  Baluk            Functionally specialized junctions between endothelial cells of lymphatic vessels (large file)

Lymphatic Pressures

1993 Zaugg-Vesti    Lymphatic pressure in patients with primary lymphedema

1996 Franzeck        Effect of postural changes on human lymphatic capillary pressure of the skin

1998 Dorffler-Melly   Diurnal and long-term variations of lymph capillary pressure in health