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Links to selected papers and other materials concerning this topic are listed below by date - last name of first author - title of article

1998 Petrek            Incidence of Breast Carcinoma-Related Lymphedema

2000 Tengrup          Arm Morbidity after Breast-conserving Therapy for Breast Cancer

2000 Kocak            Risk Factors of Arm Lymphedema in Breast Cancer Patients

2003 Geller             Factors Associated with Arm Swelling after Breast Cancer Surgery

2001 Petrek            Lymphedema in a Cohort of Breast Carcinoma Survivors 20 Years after Diagnosis

2004 Deo                Prevalence and Risk Factors for Development of Lymphedema following Breast Cancer Treatment

2004 Goffman        Lymphedema of the Arm and Breast in Irradiated Breast Cancer Patients:
                               Risks in an Era of Dramatically Changing Axillary Surgery

2004 Ozaslan          Lymphedema after treatment of breast cancer

2006 Franks            A review of the epidemiology of BCRL

2007 Purushotham   Lymph Node Status and Breast Cancer-related Lymphedema