Lymph Flow: Features and Measurement  (return to menu)

Links to selected papers and other materials concerning this topic are listed below by date - last name of first author - title of article


1960  Hollander    Lymphatic Flow in Human Subjects as Indicated by the Disapperance of I131-Labled Albumin from the Subcutaneous Tissue

1998  Goltner       The Importance of Volumetry, Lymphscintigraphy and Computer Tomography in the Diagnosis of  Edema after Mastectomy

2001  Suga          Assessment of leg oedema by dynamic lymphoscintigraphy with intradermal injection of technetium-99m human serum
                           albumin and load produced by standing

2003  Stanton      Impairment of Lymph Drainage in Subfascial Compartment of Forearm in Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema

2004  Uren           Lymphatic Drainage of the Skin

2007  Lane          Upper Extremity Lymphatic Function at Rest and during Exercise in Breast Cancer Survivors
                           with and without Lymphedema Compared to Healthy Controls

2005  Modi           Regional Distribution of Epifascial Swelling and Epifascial Lymph Drainage Rate Constants in Breast
                           Cancer-Related Lymphedema

2007  Modi           Human lymphatic pumping measured in healthy and lymphoedematous arms by lymphatic congestion lymphoscintigraphy

2007  Celebioglu   Lymph Drainage Studied by Lymphoscintigraphy in the Arms after Sentinel Node Biopsy Compared with Axillary Lymph
                            Node Dissection Following Conservative Breast Cancer Surgery


2004 Bauer          Can lymphatic drainage be measured non-invasively in human limbs, using plethysmography

2006 Keeley        The use of lymphoscintigraphy in the management of chronic oedema        

MLD Effects

1989 Francois      Does Medical Treatment of Lymphedema Act by Increasing Lymph Flow

2006 Kafejian       Lymphoscintigraphic Evaluation of  Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Lower Extremity Lymphedema


1954 Kinmonth    The Lymphatic Circulation in Lymphedema

1962 Danese       Regeneration of Lymphatic Vessels: A Radiographic Study (in dogs)

1969 Edwards     Lymphovenous Shunts in Man


1987 McGeown  The Role of External Compression and Movement in Lymph Propulsion in the Sheep Hind Limb